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Larry and Friends is a captivating story about immigration and integration.

The protagonist, Larry the Dog, is a juggler from Brooklyn and his friends are a diverse set of animals from all over the world. The story recounts why the characters end up relocating to New York City, how they became friends with Larry and how life has taught them a thing or two.

Larry and Friends is primarily a book for children, but its spirit, aesthetic and subject matter will appeal to readers of all ages to be read for both pleasure and food for thought.  The tale is truly inspiring; through their life stories, the whimsical characters bring forth the brightest possibilities of the human spirit.

Larry and Friends is available in English and Spanish languages.

Our Story


Carla Torres is an illustrator born and raised in   Ecuador. In 2005 she landed in New York looking to expand her mind, her soul, and her vision as an artist. Since then her work has been exhibited in several venues locally and internationally and has won several illustration awards. She has illustrated many children’s books, Larry and Friends is her first book as an author and illustrator.

Nat Jaspar is a writer. She was born in Belgium, grew up in Venezuela, and moved to New York in 1997—the first place where she finally felt like she belonged. She has worked as a journalist, a  copywriter, and an editor. She’s obsessed with blogs and her short stories have appeared in Spanish-language literary sites.
She started writing children’s stories for her niece a few years ago and got hooked from then on. She loves all characters from Larry and Friends, but if you push her to choose and push and push... she will finally confess that Cecilia, the Peruvian llama who challenges her fate, is her favorite one.