Larry talks with OITNB’s Laura Gómez about her work

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Laura Gómez

Laura Gómez

LARRY: Is being a minority an obstacle when it comes to acting? LAURA: Well, it’s definitely an obstacle that’s kind of always there. In my case, I decided to turn it [into a positive] challenge. Because that is, in a way, what makes us stand out.

LARRY: So being different can be an opportunity? LAURA: What makes you shine? The fact that you ARE different. Why be like everybody else? So [in my case] being a Latino woman has become an asset, I believe. And yes, the industry —especially when you are an actor like me—will impose certain stereotypes, certain rules that we have to fight, but [I can also] make a point…through my [own] work. I’m writing short films, so I’ve decided to write those roles that we are craving.

LARRY: How do you feel being part of Orange is the New Black? I’ve been very privileged to be working in a show like Orange is the New Black—Jenji Kohan and these amazing writers have created a universe of characters that have many layers and are [very] deep. I think in a way it’s very inspiring, but it’s a stepping-stone to continue [challenging minority stereotypes] with our own work. That’s what attracted me to […] Larry and Friends: it’s breaking barriers and it’s bringing a message of inclusiveness that we have to write ourselves.

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